Hey Minot, We Need Your Help This Saturday and Every Other Day!

  1. If there’s something better than a bunch of people coming together to do some community-spirited work, it would be creating an ingrained sense of community pride, citizenship, and stewardship that made clean-ups unnecessary.

If we were all looking out for the river all the time, we wouldn’t have to organize special events to clean it up!

That’s our goal — to help Minot develop a built-in spirit of community stewardship, one that we carry with us all the time and act on when the need arises. We won’t get there overnight, and until we do, we’ll continue to hold these clean-ups.

But to begin building that spirit, we’re also announcing another clean-up initiative. Yes, this Saturday we’d love to see you at Eastwood Park to help us. But even more than that, we’d love to see you cleaning up the river when it needs it most. And when is that you might ask? When you see something that needs attention, picking up, or just someone who cares a little.

Here’s the idea, and here’s what you do if you notice a little litter or location in need of help:

  1. Take a picture of the problem. We call this the ‘Before’ picture.
  2. Clean it up, fix it up, grab ownership and go!
  3. Take another picture when you’re done. We call this the ‘After’ picture.
  4. Make a note of those who helped, and a few other details.
  5. Share it all with us right here on our website.

Once you’ve done your part, we’ll do ours and make sure we spread the word about the good deed!


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