Yes, we can!

Big ideas are hard to accomplish because it’s not easy to see the bite-size steps that lead to the finish line. Restoring a river and renewing a lost culture are both big ideas that are hard to get moving; they’re also two halves of the same ball. Our goal is to get that metaphorical ball rolling so the momentum perpetuates the motion. We will be successful if we choose the right-size next steps. Want proof? Check out below. Want to help? Get involved!

A Plan for Minot!

If you’re familiar with Minot’s river, you’ve probably heard the term ‘dead-loop’. Fixing our dead loops is a big challenge, but we’ve got a plan!

Make the Dead Loops Live!

Get Involved!

From joining a clean-up effort to helping spread the word, there are lots of ways to help!

Join the effort!
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